Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back to base

The closing ceremony of CNY holidays.

I admitted that it has been a rush for me to go back home while I'm at hometown. It doesn't feel so good to me because not all my cousins are not Homed. Kinda Bu shuang liao.

This is seriously a repeated daily routine on this almost week T.T
sleeping at the same place. Even the sleeping time is late from usual. My dreams are the same type but i wished i could have sweet dreams. Waking up late. Watching tv. Listening to stereo.

My situation sounds:

"It's Hard To Say That I'd Rather Stay Awake When I'm Asleep ...
Because my dreams are bursting at the scenes."

Simplified: It might be a test for me. A test to pass and get my freedom.

PAY before OWN. SUFFER before ENJOY.

Despite of angpau money, I don't know what else I've done meaningfully during CNY. LOLx10.

Not to say that this year is boring to me. Just when every events are coming, we do enjoy. Like the photos that can influence me a lot. Friends in the photo. I'm always solo.

For this CNY:

Boring that ever. Plain than water. No firecrackers.
Less plan. Not really fun. I'm really literally forget about my school things. Maybe this is the time for us to forget who we are.

Movies are surely wanna watch for this season. Some might say The Chinese Movies will be leading first
and gets priority for the whole family. Agree sometimes. We should use our angpau money on movies. WAHAHAHA!

Best of all is my Spider-man trilogy has just finally completed. The Ultimate Battle Ever!!! It meant a lot to me for certain reasons.


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