Thursday, April 29, 2010


My most anticipated movie of the year!!!!


For our special way to remember it, I chose to watch it on premiere. I won passes on for the movie and I felt WOOT! I have lots more to tell.

Thirsting for over many months since the 1st teaser is out and keeping me resist on watching it for n times before I lost my hype.

WARNING: 10% of spoilers containing ahead.

Billionaire Iron Man Tony Stark is finally back!! As usual he rocks every time especially in the best scene of my choice. Wearing portable suit armor readily to blast in race track. OMG!!!!!!

With Mickey Rourke as the main villain Ivan Vanko ( nice name)
a.k.a Whiplash which is my biggest reason to watch how he rocks after in film Wrestler. Extremely love the electric whip on his hands. DAMN COOL!
As in comics, his hair is all tied up. Meaning that even his weapon structure on his body has been modified for even advanced look or suiting the scenes. I love it. Keep rocking as Rourke.

And also red-haired Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. Thought that she's a spare villain =D . Not even anymore when she proved she can clamp people and fight like a spider. Natasha Romanoff! COOL!

Last but not least. War Machine. The best side-kick for iron man and appeared earlier than Christopher Nolan's future Robin. The caption for war machine, it's the great thing on promoting the second movie, and it works, try believe me. LOL!

Overall the movie, it's superb and worth to watch for everyone. Must watch!!!



It has been a week for me to stalk on 8tv for the blockbuster movie's tickets. Premiere screening to be exact. And it doesn't make me wait or call-in like a freak ( as in nervous or desperate ) for the whole week.
Blakey Fish has introduced me to grab tickets on Luckily and thank to him so much, because..

Previously on 22 April 2010...

Time: 9:30-9:45pm

Way to win: "Send in your sms and be the 1st to grab 4 ticket passes to Iron Man 2 premiere screening at Cathay Cineplex on 28 April (Wed) 9:30pm.

Just when I felt despair on what I did, my phone is vibrating.

'Withheld' This is not a bad signal. Yeah, I knew I won. I heard my own voice after couples of minutes. It's so weird. Thanks for DJ Jin which I didn't know his name for in the 1st time. BEST OF ALL!!!!! BONUS HOUR MAN, I GOT SOMETHING!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for you guys watching movie for a night show with me. Boys' night.

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