Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Summer" Sault

Summer has arrived. The best related event is Summer Vacation. A yes for me this time.

A "Go" button to Pulau Tioman for the second time without the companion of my main partner, my elder cousin :S

The return of August 2004 to Berjaya Resort. Still remember that time is Thomas Cup fever and of course "This Time for Africa" WAKAKA eh eh~ LOL

The thirst for my beach vacation is finally ended and even better cause it's on island.

Day 1: As last time, the process of 'Getting there" is hard and long way to go from here across Seremban to Mersing port in Johor.
Driver should consume more caffein before driving. A rush to boat and it's about to play Iron Man 2!!! WOOT!! Low Quality piracy dvd =.=

Re-meeting the sea, my heart was pounding. Hey Sunshine too. First day is warming up. Not until the very next day.

Day 2: The peak of the peak. Hitting the sea on morning. It's just scuba floating, not scuba diving. LOL!! The day when I get free maximum sun-tanning session.
WOOT!! Sunburn and Pain. But it's too fun.

Day 3: Dull day. Back Home. Long wait for boat. And that day marks the most number of stars I can watch up in the sky at night. So great.


Just the sneak peak of my vacation photos. More and complete album on my Facebook.

Extended day:

It's like an extension wire. Longer wire, more electric current.

I gained more enjoyment by watching TOY STORY 3 in 3D in Premiere!!!

Erm.. did I said "again"?

The Proof by winning a contest:


(drag to enlarge)

I Love Nuffnang!!! Thanks so much!!

Me, Ann, Blake, Faheem , Kritz and his dad were inviting or invited (LOL) .....to the special screening happened in Midvalley!!!

OMG!! TOY STORY 3 is awesome!! And this is what call the real adventure among the of all times. 5 thumbs up!! LOVE IT!!!

Thanks everyone. This holidays was a succeed.

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