Thursday, January 21, 2010

Run the show

Downloading movies are so much fascinating and also an arm race for me, just like Speed Racer on a track list. The highly recommended The Marine 2 has uploaded on the movie web. Since the movie is highly recommended, the seeds seems much. Iron Man's sequel is gonna hit the cinema this April, it seems to have a little bit warm-up on the movie before "coming soon". Reruns.

Oh ya, my first time. The survivors that I mentioned, I have watched two of it. ( The winner of the race is Ironic )


Oh lord, it's hard to hunt this poster in bigger size. Yet, it's a great great poster.

John Cena had made a huge action at the screen in the first movie. Now the is second installment of The Marine, The Marine 2. We've got WWE's next fighter Ted DiBiase.

Some sorts of Rambo, Bukit Kepong elements combined. On the vacation in Phuket.
Rock on Teddie!
BRAVO! I have a thought of watching it again in cinema.

Powered by GOM player ( the only program that i downloaded for just getting interest with the cool damn logo )

Using the Chinese web to download English movies. COOL! At least provided subtitles.

It took almost accumulated hours to finish the race after resuming for n th times. 1.0 Gb and 1.24 Gb. Bluray? That lucky? Somehow my first intended click was the Racer movie. This is the weakest one and the biggest Gb too.

The Amplitude of
Downloads was the interesting part. It gets higher sometimes and that means the speed is faster XD COOL!

One of the remaining movies are still on the game. I would like to thank my friends, pros and also my cousin's initiative for telling and teaching me so much of this legal stuffs. Joining you'll soon again. At the moment preparing for the second race.

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