Friday, January 8, 2010


New year. New skin. This ain't a new life for me yet.

Back to school again, staying FRESH for study. Wearing on new white school uniform. New classroom. New timetable. Everything's new. The "classic mood" for every typical new year (only for student).

Except for my day.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dude" 17 Again!

Thanks for the wishes and gifts.
Now that I'm OLD enough to drive car, man!

My Cappuccino b'day Cake.


Stuck in the group of "Eldest" in SMK S1, so it's wise to be wearing a tie (all I ever wanted). I called mine Green Lantern's ( The colour matches XD ).

Featuring Optimus Prime


It brought back my memories
since standard 3 ( the only credit year ) being promoted by teacher as red-tied monitor together with TTH's blue-tied prefect.

Learning and explore much, cause i'm extremely in love with it!!

More homeworks this year and already switched to school mood. SPM this year. No more jokes anymore.

There gone the 1st week of school days.

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