Friday, January 29, 2010

Turn it up

The activation of my Co-curriculum ( which gained some activation energy):


The only sport that I can play for the Best or for the Worst. Sorry for never really get into the game seriously since loong time ago.. Sorry for my racquet. Still feeling much fun on swinging it like what
Ray Park did. Yes, will working hard on it, ha!


Probably deciding a second after revealing The Dark Secret. Leaded by FionA Chan.
With FUN members. :D Speaking of camera, I've just lost my right to hold mine but after night. Day N' Nite. =.= it makes lot of difference, shit.


Ahli biasa Yo! Macam d'duk d mamak dan order "Nasi Lemak Biasa Satu!!!"

BBSM seems strict but not after the senior form 5 has gone. Still feeling a gap or obstacle between. Koperasi is relaxing and has no where to go.

5 ALFA Bendahari

Someone hated this. Me. On being tied to a "bendahara" destiny/fate this year.
"I ain't here to hurt nobody. So
give it to me give it to me give it to me!!!" LMAO!!

Rumah Sukan

Wah, the new T-shirt has coloured by a colour of each team on certain regions. Fresh but can the school make it better like not just changing the shirt a bit, but more? It seems like they are out of ideas or better don't change. Anyway. When All Else Fails, the Blues don't!!!

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