Sunday, November 9, 2008

Keep fighting

to the victory !!

1st hit on cheek or mostly known as face

Pounds of one fist pushing into our cell wall

Pain !!

2nd fight with leg

Raise up one

targetting brain

Use Newton of force

as final goal kick in football game


Final punch on chest

High pressure force into ribcage

breaks.. breaking.. broke

Pieces of skeleton cut through our heart


Blood cell collapsed

inside the heart

Tissues tear apart

Heart's function begins to stop


End of working

Man falling down

Rewinding what he did in the rest of whole life

and his beloved

Everything went black

The killer shows no mercy

Spotlight's on him

Cant wait to listen referee announce him

as a winner

He can remains happy

he can cheer and shout

but the memory of his murdering

was still there

Last forever


A little lyric from One republic - ALL FALL DOWN >>

Lost 'til you're found

Swim 'til you drown

Know that we All Fall Down

Love 'til you hate

Strong 'til you break

Know that we All Fall Down

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