Friday, July 11, 2008

happy birthday 2 blake !!!!!!

ok.. tomorrow is blake YJM's b'day.. so.. he'll be the happy one tomorrow>>

well.. there's nothing but food or drink for you>>

hmm.. i dont know what you want but the most realistic thing is give out a present for you..

but wait here's some pictures for you.. and i love it too^^

ok.. try to look at the left ( blake a.k.a SUPERMAN !!!!!) isn't the post looks like superman..??

Superman's coming to rescue !!!!!!!!! LOL.. stupid:P

ya.. thanks for your food.. MAGGI with SAUSAGE and SAUCE CHICKEN??

does it looks familiar to you, blake?? ARE YOU EVEN WATCHING?? it's at your house.. on the tv.. LOVE~~

not enough??

what do you like?? you loves beach?? no.. that's me

whatever it is.. just waiting for your party open mayb in your house??

last word.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU !!!!!!!!!!


football pictures.. we meet again :)

after the "death" of my all pictures.. i started to find again all my football pictures..

it's nicer.. and i found Frank Lampard's more than John Terry's.. sorry..

LOL.. it's just some prologue.. i'll post more~


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