Friday, July 4, 2008


oh my god~ SPAIN won the Euro match!!! yay^^ CELEBRATE FOR THEIR GLORY^^

and now i realized that joshua's right^^ he's a football professional..


now he's now back to malaysia.. my friend^^ ~JOSHUA~ welcome back again!!!

LOL^^ too excited to meet him already.. we are going out for celebration soon.. with all bunch of friendz.. and since blake's b'day is coming.. we are going out for FUN !!

well.. talking about today.. going to watch Hellboy : Super Sapien on tv.. feel excited.. haha^^

before the cinema shows Hellboy II : The Golden Army.. i'll watch the 1st episode.. cool^^

and he's cool.. Hellboy.. sounds like bad guy?? but he's not.. he's different from others creature..

poster was nice too>>

can this cup of drink describe my mood now??

lol.. just now received songs from angeline.. thnz.. it's my love COFFEE PRINCE OST !!!!
lovely one.. very nice^^ LOVES COFFEE^^

or just a scene??

loved beach view>><<

it's time to go now..

take me to the heaven^^

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