Saturday, May 24, 2008

chelsea vs. manutd


2day talking 'bout football^^

football match looks cool^^ but if u injured.. that will no longer cool^^

omg~ John terry captain of the Chelsea.. injured in the match.. my ~SUPER~ favourite~ soccer player^^ now UEFA Champions League iz over.. omg~ Manchester United won the match !!!

well.. i support Chelsea.. but just little support MU.. why? cauz i'm not the genius of the FOOTBALL WORLD !!!!! so.. now i'll going 2 post many many Chelsea products n' merchandise 2 prove that i loves Chelsea^^ but a little Manchester United~ LOL^^ >> sponsors by Adidas^^

john terry b'come a cool model 2 promote The New Chelsea Home Kit..

omg~ John Terry "26" number football
jersey.. COOL~

cool football t-shirt..

loves shortZ^^

Manchester Inside United magazine..
wondered if i can buy one 4 joshua b'day present..

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