Thursday, May 29, 2008

day- 2


felt sad cauz goin' back.. but it seems not like what i'm saying.. ya.. it's more fun..
new day fresh picz..>>


b4 leavin' the room..>>

beautiful glass>>

nice bird??

nice view>>

ok.. that's how i leaved the resort..
now.. going 2 watch turtle.. omg~~
sea turtle>>


dont' hav any idea what kind of turtle is tiz.??

cool scene>>

ya.. save our turtle// protect our earth>>

kk.. going 2 ipoh.. haha// saw the monkey..

yea.. the last station.. highway mart..

unbelievable>> baskin31robbins !!!!!!!!!!!

so this is what happen in Lumut..
oh ya.. it's my 1st time 2 write 'bout my vacation.. cool rite??
so now also cannot forget everything 'bout there..
miss there.. miss the scene.. the beach.. the feeling.. miss the season.. but one thing is i could'nt miss my memories .. inside my deep heart..
can't wait 2 have another vacation soon..

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