Thursday, January 12, 2012


2012. Another new year. In order to reach my birthday, every year I have to get pass the school reopens, the culture shock after long break. Perhaps this is the final year to mention "school". Sad, isn't it?

At the starting of school, I have my Penolong Ketua Class position as an early birthday gift. Feels like I'm such a "Daigo", taking care of my class, of course it won't be perfect without the help of my "Daidaigo" Kelvin Loo. Dealing with much Buku Kawalan issues. 

Meanwhile, I also get a quite huge amount of friends wishing me on facebook, and also a surprise party held by Vivian. Thanks very very much xD And to my friends, it's really a warm and touching moment when I see you all. A big family. The common thing I can see in you all is tech-freaks.

I felt so adult-ish that day, just only listen to them discussing where to go after party, and also who are the available drivers. AWWWW~~~ <3 LOL It's so great to be King of The Day. xD

Not to mention, there is less awkwardness between me and my form 6 friends. I blended in well. HAHA :) Welcome the 2 new students to our class.

PS: One of my resolutions this year: To drive more. 

This year, there is a little bit different about my birthday. I LOVED IT :D

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