Friday, November 20, 2009

The Last Jamuan


My sister's very nice and yummy b'day cake but eat it up quickly.. not me :9 I just ate 1 time..


LOL! We're not yet leaving the school Not after next year's SPM

Yesh! Celebration!!

Brought 3 BiG bottles of Coke, Sprite and Kickapoo to the year-end jamuan :D


Trikings with 3 different drink colours, brands and even great tastes

Love it!!

I don't wanna leave my friends:( It's the last day T.T

I enjoy it very much but after the happiness, all ends T.T

My year-end results:(

1> MATHS 84.0 (-13.0) Questions' standardly upgrading.. Tricky parts by Pn Tan :(

2> ADD-MATHS 79.0 (+5.0) Struggle much at sensitive questions is a hot mess!! :P

3> MORAL 78.0 (+16.0) Getting marks at essay's parts.. Finally.. perhaps setting us free :O

4> BI
76.0 (+7.0) ahem.. I like my essay's conclusion's last line

5> PJK 72.0 (+20.0) New teacher better luck? and still shooting unlimited :P

6> SIVIK 72.0 (+9.0) Writing craps smoothly due to less revisions

7> BIO 61.0 (+15.0) The Paper3's Methylene Blue is my salvation!!! XD

8> PHY 60.0 (+8.0) The lazy questions ever.. COME on la!!!

SEJ 59.0 (+18.0) Thanks for the tips much.. it's useful hoho..

BM 58.0 (+2.0) Thought is easy to score!! but always get low marks.. 1 MALAYSIA leh ??

BC 54.0 (-16.0) Sorry Sorry.. I get B for my PMR :P

12> CHEM 51.0 (+3.0) My chemical nightmareXD Wide field for me to study.. to learn too..

Highest mark to lowest

+ - based on midyear's

Overall: Improved

12th in class and almost 6% of increasing.. good news =.=

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