Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sensitive for vacancies

1st, I have to admitted that my job hunting is still on!!!:(

At IOI to be exact this time

WATCHING 2012 as well

It's an awesome great movie

Experienced the end of the world

It's so horrifying and terrifying :O NO!!!!

Rating: 8.5/10

With Joshua and Vivi together we made a good hunters

REDBOX's vacancy's blinking for kitchen and technician?
( It's complicated )

Never get to know more about it

Just fill in the form with Wei Jien and pray hard..

Tried popcorn booth hmm..
Next, Phyllis's recommended GSC and failed too.. Others failed too..

Jobs where are you?
This is need to be a little aggressive next time, for desperation
Good luck for all my friends who got job T.T

Proudly thienks to my hunters too..
I know I actually hesitated much and keep waiting for me.. Sorry

Will Never gives up and hunt again before DEC.


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