Friday, October 24, 2008

another dead day..

those days were totally dead..

talking about when pmr's over.. what we'll going to study.. choose packages.. for form 4.. pure science..^^ after teacher explained everything.. i decided.. it looks fun and interesting..

fly away~

it's a solar plane.. "consumes" solar to fly.. looks just nicer than the original aeroplane.. guess what?? it uses renewable source.. low cost and pollution-free.. SAVE OUR ENVIRONMENT

Finland?? Greenland?? LOL^^ so much for geography in school.. i love the flag of FINLAND.. oops.. of couse MALAYSIA's nice too..

007 James Bond's latest movie Quantum Of Solace 2008 .. it's about to show in cinema on 6th Nov 2008.. going to watch it.. haha:P

maybe a limited edition 007 watch>>

looks who's swimming?? it's JAY CHOU !!!!

he's my only idol..

playing good basketball skill..

become the model of watch..

until he become a warrior>>

latest album CAPRICORN which represent my zodiac.. buy it soon?? hmm..

shh.. tell you something.. his song makes me cry.. especially the slow sentimental song.. it's F---KING nice^^

my sister's idol..


new mv was nice cool and intense :)

Max Payne??

illusion poster.. COOL^^

another great movie's coming out<>


great poster and cool action packed movie.. going to watch it in December.. perhaps.. but not in cinema..

football + CHELSEA + my captain JOHN TERRY

Joshua's team LIVERPOOL captain STEVEN GERRARD

some training pictures.. going in to FIFA 2009.. maybe.. wondered if i can know more about football from Joshua.. he's a proffesional.. :D

going to put more updated pictures soon..

today's post was randomly and nice.. LOL^^


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