Friday, August 7, 2009


1st and of all.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOM!!!!

just needed to figure out what suitable gift can be giving out to you

you have cooked the best meal for us

No any replacement of PJK teacher has been made for us today.

Chinese class was fun and relaxing in the afternoon when there's quiet silent in school..

Friday will be my day


Now's turning to August, still waiting for the school holidays that should be in every usual year to execute my movie trip!!!!!

SKY, HAU NUNG and I visited Mr Tiong on last Tuesday reason for doing Sivik project (not really)

Still remember his No.39 BLUE house since we knew each others as a best friend ever in Standard 2..

Even teacher describe us as: "
Two person wearing one pant together" that time

Hope you'll come back to school soon

Cheer up

we all miss you and your leggie :)

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