Friday, February 20, 2009

Actually there's really exhausted about life

now's really struggling about Science's subjects.. it's somehow hard..

teacher will keep asking you " it is you understand?? "

HAHA!! Thanks teacher i really thank you!! :) Photobucket

"BECKHAM" that word is nice


you'll either find your name is useful or not with all your effort!!

i'll be using my 1st money which owned by myself to buy my Chelsea jersey

around rm200++
Joshua please i begged you.. don't mention any Chelsea jersey to me okay?? as if it's a new style jersey not to tell me to buy on this moment.. No offense at all Photobucket

i just can't stand to ask the problem inside the whole team

Someone's betrayed him being saying by the coach.. hopefully there's a BIG change for them after this tragedy.. a GOOD CHANGE !!


I love DC heroes!!!

DC stands for Detective Comics


Diamond Comics Distributors

One of DC's !!


it's coming to theaters next month

bet it's nice


Korean word even :D


Someone has crowned me


Random King

Am i really now with those stuffs ?

SORRY:( haha

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