Friday, June 27, 2008


my mood currently is>>

and the best thing to do in this afternoon is drink of cup of cappuccino>>

is this a cup of cappuccino?? i dont think so..

creamy drink?? cappuccino?? no way !!!

cup of cappuccino?? inside too??


no cappuccino at all?? and u should start 2 learn how to make a DRY CAPPUCCINO..

and enjoy the beautiful scene by the road..

or just eat.. some great food that can makes you always wanted 2 try more.. more.. and more !!

ya.. i knew it was insane about me.. but just for fun..
P/s: wow.. all those food is my FAVOURITE !!

dont know why i put those pictures on my blog but i know its nice n' cool^^

CRAZY AND THE BEST SHOT AT ALL ( without me inside )

attack!!!! one boy
P/S 2 : happy time at school^^

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