Saturday, October 10, 2020

Back to Business

Back to business? Really?

It has been over more than a month after STPM ended not-so well, but I'm still unemployed.

I couldn't resist extending the list of "What to do after STPM" with my growing anticipation, probably a "reward" for finishing STPM.

Here are some of the done case of my to-do list.

An IMAX Experience 

Finally experienced IMAX @ Sunway Pyramid, specially formatted for Skyfall.
The screen was fully maximised for our vision. To me, it looks like a square screen, and it is enormous HUGE. Thumbs Up, Toes Up!!

New Spec
Bought a pair of new glasses, and it turned out to be my Christmas gift. :O Better yet, it's a BOLD-framed glasses, as I wished.

Birthday Celebration
Celebrated 20th "Pre-adult to Adult" birthday together with my old friend, Yi En, which was one day younger than me. Sort of a quick Eating Spree with lunch at Bubba Gump and Baskin Robbins' ice-cream as cake. Yeah, I know, no cake for birthday.

Anyway, thanks to all the birthday wishes, to all my friends.